University of Guelph

Robotics Team

New members: We will be holding a welcome meeting this Wednesday, September 23rd at 7:00PM via MS Teams. Fill out the form via "Join the Team!" page (above) if you haven't yet. We will email out a meeting invite just prior to the 7:00PM on Wednesday!

UGRT's 2019 Mars rover at the Canadian International Rover Challenge in Drumheller, Alberta!
Left to Right: Matthew Bolan, Iain Bulmer, Kyle Schnarr, Bradley Leonard, Eric Faguy, Daniel Deen, Adam Lee, Kevin Barnfield, Lindsay Burton, Lucas Dasovic, Joyce Li, Spencer Ploeger, Sebastian McLearon, Gavin Black
Our Creality CR-10S which we use for prototyping. Upgrades and filament provided by 3D Printing Canada.

Canadian International Rover Challenge (CIRC)

CIRC is a competition which takes place every August. Teams from around the world each build a rover suitable for completing a variety of tasks on Mars. These tasks include: Crash Site Forensics, Surface Sampling, Equipment Servicing, Search and Rescue, and Traversal and Support.

For more information, please refer to the official competition site.


UGRT hosts a variety of workshops throughout the year. These serve as a way to introduce new members to the field of robotics.

Sumo bots

At the beginning of each year we host an introductory sumo bot competition for all of our new members. This is meant to teach our members the basics of programming Arduinos to use different sensors and actuators. This serves as a starting point for them to build onto while they're on the team.